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The First Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi visits some part of the university`s facilities.

The First Vice President of the Republic of Burundi, accompanied by Professor Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the University`s vice chancellor, toured a number of the University's centers and faculties. The tour included a visit to the e-learning center and the molecular biology laboratory where he listened to a detailed explanation of the performance and work of these units.

 The Burundian vice president also  visited the faculty of Mass Communication,  where he toured the Al-alamiya TV channel studios and Radio Africa where he spoke about his visit to the University and his participation in the twenty-fifth session of the activities of the IUA  Board of Trustees.  

Lastly, he concluded his visit to the new facilities at the University administration where he visited Professor Tayeb Zein Al Abidine hall and the reception of Professor Mahjoub Al-Hussein.