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The arrival of some part of the delegations coming to participate in the activities of the IUA Board of Trustees.


These days, delegations from different countries are coming to Sudan with the aim to participate in the activities of the Board of Trustees of the University at its twenty-fifth session, where a number of delegations from Nigeria, Chad, Guinea, Somalia and Ivory Coast have arrived and the rest of the participating delegations will arrive soon. The seminar will be inaugurated at the Indemi Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals resources, where the Islamic Education foundation in Africa (2), the IUA Graduates' association and the Forum of Trained lecturers will be inaugurated where it will be gratify by HE Dr. Osman Mohamed Yousif  Kubar, the first Vice President of the Republic of Burundi together with his Sudanese counterpart the first vice president of Sudan.

However, former Somali minister of interior Abdul Rahman Mohammed Hussein as well as other prominent Somalis and Somalis university`s administrators have just arrived at Khartoum international airport.