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The IUA holds a press conference over the meeting and the activities of the Board of Trustees.

On Monday morning, 7/1/2019, the University held a press conference in the hall of Professor Tayeb Zine El Abidine calling on the successful way to disseminate information more quickly to reach the general public where he spoke to Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees together with the University vice chancellor prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid.

At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Mostafa Harbeh welcome the media team and charge them to cover this important event where he spoke in detail about the meeting of the Board of Trustees members and the media activities during the events. He pointed out that the University was established to serve the Muslim umma in the African continent, adding that the President of the Republic will supervise the opening session of the Board of Trustees In the evening of Thursday 10/1/2019.

However, His Excellency the First Deputy President of the Republic of Burundi will also address the great role played by the University in spreading education in the African continent, describing the University as the first institution of African diplomacy.

Furthermore, Prof. Kamal Obaid, the university's vice chancellor, spoke about the readiness of the university and the completion of all arrangements for receiving this great event. He discussed in detail the most prominent programs and topics discussed by members of the board of trustees and the most important role plays by the media during the council meeting which associated with the convening of the Council, most notably the Islamic Education Symposium in Africa, which comes on the basis of the outcomes of the Islamic Education Seminar in Africa, where it was held during the Islamic Center of Africa in 1988 and the meeting of graduates where he indicated the university's relevance to its graduates as well as it is strong and connected, the faculty of trainees will be the opening of a number of projects within these events and touched on the sovereignty of the university readiness in the economics productive education and called on the various media to visit the university farm to find out about the IUA`s experience. He pointed out that the university, in usual activities and development of academic programs and projects such as the chair of Africa and some specialized chairs such as the chair of Africa-China relations. He then welcomed the two proposals presented by Mr. Sadiq Rizaqi, president of the Union of Sudanese Journalists and the President of the African Federation of journalists at the press conference to the University to be an integral partner in the establishment of an African Academy for the training of African journalists and another proposal to adopt the African Journalist award in coordination and cooperation between the University and the African Federation of Journalists.

 At the end of the press conference, they listened to the journalists' questions about the arrangements and the readiness of the university to receive these events and other questions and extensive discussion about this program.