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The IUA receives a delegation from the University of Butana and the former Minister of Higher Education.

Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obeid, the University's vice chancellor, received the delegations on Thursday, 3/1/2019 from Al-Butana University, headed by Prof. Anwar Ahmed Isa Rashid, the vice chancellor of Al-Butana University. At the beginning of the meeting, the VC welcomed the delegation of Al-Butana University and gave a detailed explanation of the University's number of students, faculties and academic programs. He also spoke about the role of IUA graduates in the development of their communities and explained the university's philosophy in the economics of productive education.

On his react, the vice chancellor of Al-Butana University, Professor Anwar thanked the IUA administration for its hospitality and praising the university's role and the development it is witnessing in all aspect areas, expressing their happiness with this visit and cooperation between higher education institutions.

The delegation toured around to some of the university`s faculties and centers, including Dar Al Hamdan Publishing House, the Archives Office, Amina Al Salami Hall, Mubuyu`u Teaching Hospital, as well as the Eastern faculties Complex , the e-learning center and the laboratories of the Faculty of Nursing Sciences. The also visited Endime faculty of Petroleum and Minerals resources and the faculty of Mass Communications where the delegation toured to the Al satellite TV studios and Radio Africa, the radio Africa and Al-Alamiya channel held a dialogue with the VC of Al-Butana University and Prof. Khamis Kjo Kinda, a member of the Board of Trustees of the university where he talked about the significance of this visit and the possibility of cooperation in some areas between the two sides and the  vice chancellor of the University of Buthana talked about the tremendous development witnessed by the IUA expressing his admiration for the university environment and cleanliness and also archiving programs as well as its projects since the university was an Islamic center in Africa.

Lastly, the delegation moved to the university's farm in El-Aelophon where they were received by Dr. Mohamed Osman El-Bealy, the dean of the Faculty Agricultural Production and Technological Processing. The delegation toured a number of different farm units and sections where the students of the Faculty provided a detailed explanation to the delegation through the various sites of the farm and charge the delegation to achieve the slogan of production and productivity and applied practical training for students. In a mini celebration for this visit, the VC of the University of Al-Butana spoke about the delegation's readiness to cooperate with IUA. The IUA vice chancellor, Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, welcomed the delegation and expressed the IUA`s readiness to cooperate without a roof with the university as such a Success has been achieved with all the employees of the university.