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The Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs meet with the delegations participating in the Regional Expert Meeting on Developing the Methods of Scientific Research in African Universities.


Dr. Musa Taha Tay Allah, Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, received a delegation from the regional experts meeting on methods of developing scientific research in African universities. He stand on behalf of Prof. Mohamed Khair Al-Ghobany, President of the International Universities Union, Prof. Mohammad Ambeza Mahaiqo, vice chancellor of Kampala International University, Uganda and Dr. Sa`eed Ahmed Rufai from the University of Sokoto, Nigeria on Sunday morning, 30/12/2018, alongside with Prof. Professor Abdul Rahim Ali at the university administrative building, in the presence of Dr. Osama Mirghani Rashid, VC personal assistant on Coordinating and Administrative Follow-up, as well as Professor Omar Ahmed Saed, the dean of the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Mr Tajuddin Bashir Niyam the head of External Relations Office.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Musa welcomed and thanked the delegations for their active participation in presenting the scientific papers and enriching the discussion at the regional experts' meeting on the development of scientific research. He later, affirmed the readiness of the university to joint cooperation between these institutions in various fields to achieve common goals.

On his react, Prof. Mohamed Khair Al-Ghabani, President of the International Federation of Universities, appreciate the University administration for its hosting and generous hospitality. The objectives for which the Federation of International Universities Conferences and Programs, was implemented by the Union, which was once again the Union's readiness to cooperate with the University and other African universities, praising the IUA`s productive experience calling for the dissemination of the concept of productive university and its application to other universities.

The delegation toured to some in the university as well as its faculties and pass through the Eastern faculties Complex, the e-learning project and the Faculty of Nursing Sciences. The delegation visited Al-alamiyya Tv studios and Radio Africa, Where they conducted a dialogue in a special program with Professor Alghbani, where he discussed about the objectives of the Federation of International Universities and their visit to the university and the results of this honorable visit.