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The Russian Delegations visit IUA`s farm in Aelophon.


A delegation of Russia headed by Senator Ahmed Blankov visited the university`s farm on Wednesday 19/12/2018 accompanied by Dr. Sadiq Al-Karouri, former Minister of Minerals resources. They were received by Dr. Jaafar Badi, Assistant Director of Investment and Dr. Mohammed Othman Al-Bayli, the dean of the Faculty Agricultural Production and  Technological processing, The delegation started to visit the contemporary oils, jam, juices, macaroni and protected houses of cows and sheep farms. The delegation stopped on the experience of this white poultry project. Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid the IUA vice chancellor met with the Russian delegation at university`s Farm.

At the beginning of the meeting, the VC welcomed the delegation and detailing the university and its various academic programs and the development that it witnessed since it was an Islamic institute in the sixties of the last century. He then welcomed the cooperation between the two sides and wished that this visit would be a good start for further cooperation with Russia, as he put it and address the philosophy of the university towards the economics of productive education.

On his react, the head of the Russian delegation, Senator Blankov, praised the remarkable experience of the university, pointing out that there must be a concrete steps in the framework of mutual cooperation between the two sides, and mentioning a number of questions about how to accept the university so there will be continuity and coordination to accept students from Russia or send teachers from Russia to teach the Russian language in University.