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Announcement for the tender to the cleaning companies.


The International University of Africa


Office of the Deputy vice chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs


Giving the tender of cleaning works to four entities


The Deputy vice chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs would like to advertise the tender according to the conditions and specifications mentioned in the tender booklet, which can be obtained from the decision of the tender committee in the financial administration after payment of LE (1500).



Complete commitment to the tenders conditions.


A bank letter of guarantee or a certified check of 2% of the top of the tender shall be added to 10% of the bidder and returned to those who do not bid.

Certificate of clearance of a party from the tax office.

A clearance from the Zakat Bureau.

Legal stamping.

Company registration certificate from the general registrar for the companies.

The company's biography and its similar works done.

The Amounts are paid in Sudanese pounds.

Applicants must clarify the value added (17%) in a comprehensive or non-exhaustive statement, and if not explained, the amount submitted will be inclusive of the added summit (17%).

Application shall be put in sealed envelope with red wax and placed into the IUA box.

Bids and the tender will be submit office of the Financial Department.

The tender will start to be review on Sunday, Thursday, 20/12/2018 and will end within a maximum of one week from the date of starting day.

The last day for submitting the tender will be on Thursday, 22/12/2018 at 12:00 pm.

Corporate executives can attend the opening of envelopes.

The Deputy vice chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs is not restricted by the acceptance of less or any other tender.

The cleaning companies shall adhere to the cleanliness of the new buildings in the sector to which the service is introduced during the year.

With greetings from the Department of Public Relations and Media, we wish you the best of luck.