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The IUA and the Arabic Language Complex celebrate the International Day of Arabic Language.

With the gratifying of Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the IUA vice chancellor, the Faculty of Arabic Language in collaboration with the Arabic Language Complex, celebrated the International Day of the Arabic Language under the slogan "Arabic Language and Sciences" on Monday 17/12/2018 at Prof. Omar Al Samani Hall in the presence of Prof. Bakri Al Haj Mohammed, Prof. Youssef Al-Khalifa Abu Bakr and Dr. Hashim Imam, the dean of the Faculty of Arabic Language alongside with other deans of the various faculties of the university and the interested academic experts.

At the beginning of the event of the scientific forum, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khader, the dean of the Faculty of Education, welcomed the representative of the Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs on his participation in the forum, assuring that the logo of the forum represents an integral part of the university's mission.

On his react, Professor Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the university's vice chancellor, recommend Professor Yusuf Al-Khalifa Abu Bakr, one of the pioneers and professors of the Arabic language known for their competence and wisdom, expressing that the IUA`s readiness to build partnerships in this framework with the Arabic language complex. It is the language of science and research as well as the study skill, in which the University take it more serious as other languages ​ re-written in Arabic letters as directed that it is necessary to improve methods of teaching Arabic to other speakers as described.

Furthermore, there are number of institutions and universities participating in this forum to come out with a unified vision for the establishment of the League of Arabic language in collaboration with the university in this area, it is worth mentioning that a number of papers were presented during this forum, which came out with recommendations and outputs contributions to the development of the language of adversity.