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The Agreement of understanding between the IUA and the University of Burundi was Signed and also between the Sudanese Ministries of Higher Education and that of Burundi Ministries of Higher Education as well.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the IUA and the University of Burundi on Monday, December 17, 2018. The two institutions agreed on academic exchange in the fields of teaching Arabic and French language, exchange of lecturers and the visitations between the two universities.

The IUA was represented by Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the university's vice chancellor, and the Burundian university was signed by its vice chancellor of the University of Burundi in the presence of Burundi Minister of Higher Education as well as the IUA Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs.

However, another agreement was reached between the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education and the Burundi Ministry of Education at the Coral Hotel in Khartoum on Monday 17 December 2018. The Minister of Education of Sudan, was represented by  Dr. Sadiq Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi, where he met with the Minister of Education of the Republic of Burundi, Dr. Gasaba in the presence of IUA vice chancellor prof Kamal Mohammed Obaid.

Lastly, the two sides have discussed many important issues that will improve their relationship as well as their academic performance.