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In the presence of His Excellency, the First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan: The IUA vice chancellor addresses the General Assembly of Federation of African Journalists at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum.

In the presence of the First Vice-President of Sudan General Bakri Hassan Saleh, President of the International Federation of Journalists, Minister of Information, Communications and Information Technology and the leaders of the world's press as well as the President of the General Federation of Sudanese Journalists, On Thursday, 13/12/2018, the General Assembly of Federation of African journalists held a press conference under the slogan of "Unity and Solidarity".

 In his festive address, Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the IUA vice chancellor, expressed his happiness to host the activities of the General Assembly of Federation of African journalists  and thanked the Sudanese Journalists for this good initiative, assuring that the International University of Africa`s project is an Arab-African solidarity, a program in line with the General Assembly's slogan, indicating that the press performance of journalists in Africa has contributed significantly to stability in the African continent a strong dimension to the strengthening of the social fabric in Africa by establishing space for the Al`alamiyya TV and Radio Africa in the University.

The First Vice-President of the Republic addressed the participants in the forum, saying that your meeting represents a vivid reminder of Africa's aspiration for comprehensive renaissance and social cohesion as well as the security of its sovereignty over the role of the African press in playing an important role in renaissance, peace and social fabric in the African continent. The international University of Africa is proud to thank Professor Kamal Obeid for his excellent contribution to the development of the African continent.

Lastly, his Excellency Thank the International University of Africa and also Thanked Professor Kamal Obaid, that his speechfoster a good impact to the audience.