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The IUA Deputy vice chancellor academic Affairs continue his visit in Somalia, as he visits some of Somali Universities and Academic institutions.


The visitation of the IUA delegation in Somalia headed by Dr. Mousa Taha Tay-Allah, Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, continued as today they visited some of the Universities in Somali and sign a memorandum agreements with the University. The delegation visited the Imam Shafi'i University where the delegation was welcomed and honored by the Caliph Abdul Qadir Maal Noor, the Vice chancellor of Imam Shafi'i University as they toured around the Masaid and the charity works carried out by the Caliph and the future vision of the University of Imam Shafei and its new expansion campus.

The delegation also visited the Sudanese Embassy. The Ambassador of Sudan to Somalia was briefed by the delegation about the International University Africa, the agreements and memorandums of cooperation between the University and the Somali universities, as well as the University's efforts to develop education in Somalia. In honor of the delegation's visit, Sudanese university graduates were invited where most of them graduated from Sudanese universities; most of them are the graduates of the International University Africa.

The Deputy vice chancellor has expressed his thanks to Somalia for giving them this opportunity. Among the attendees were the graduates, the former Foreign Minister, Deputy Minister of Information, Deputy Minister of Justice and other parliamentarians and community leaders.