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The Students of Al-Resala Educational Foundation visit IUA.

The students of Al-Resala Educational Foundation visited the university in the morning of Thursday, 15/11/2018, where they started their visit to the Faculty of Education. Dr. Hassan Shenkar presented a brief introduction to the Faculty of Education to the pupils with its various departments and specialiazations.

On his react, Dr. Adam Matar, who represented the dean of the Faculty of Education, welcomed the educational mission and presented a number of educational guides and advice to pupils.

A documentary film about the university was organized after the delegation visited the Faculty of Education exhibition. However, Dr. Hind Mamoun Bahiri, the dean of the Faculty of Nursing, welcomed the students of Al-Resala Educational Foundation, and presenting a brief introduction about the faculty. The occasion which attended by the faculty`s chief labs has as well as a number of students impressed by the faculty wishing to be meet again in the future, by the Grace of Almighty Allah.