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The IUA is planning to establish an Arabic language institutes in Ethiopia and Somalia.

Prof. Musa Taha Tay-Allah, the deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, headed an intellectual meeting with the intention to establish some Arabic language institutes in Somalia and Ethiopia on Sunday 10/2/2019 at the hall of Prof. Tayeb Zine El Abidine, under the supervision of Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the University`s vice chancellor, in the presence of  the dean of Faculty of  Arabic Language his counterpart of the faculty of  Education, as well as  Prof. Hassan Makki Mohamed Ahmed, Director of the Center for Research and African Studies, Professor Abdel Rahim Ali, former University vice chancellor, Professor Dr. Mahjoub Mohamed Hussein, Educational expert and best lecturer in the Faculty of Education together with other staff from of the Faculty of Arabic Language.

 At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Musa welcomed the two communities, pointing out that the meeting aims to reflect on how to establish institutes of Arabic language in Ethiopia and Somalia, and how the possibility of developing the Arabic language program and its dissemination through the best available means and speaks on the need to establish these institutions to contribute to the dissemination of Arabic language by all means.

The participants advised the need to establish these institutions to contribute to the dissemination of the Arabic language through unconventional methods that keep abreast of the modern technological boom. The participants made a number of observations and suggestions which contribute to the development of this program according to the program and vision developed by Arabic language with the activation of the agreements signed between the university and the Ethiopian universities for the programs of Arabic language.

On his react, Prof. Kamal Obaid, the university's vice chancellor, said that the plan aims at spreading and protecting the Arabic language. He pointed out that the university has many means to help in spreading the Arabic language, among the university students and graduates who spread around the world.  the creation of modern means and methodology  to spread the Arabic language away from traditional ways and thinking in different ways directed by the Faculty of Arabic Language and Education to adopt this project and to accompany the program of modern technology in line with the project of e-learning.