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The Khartoum State Minister of Health receives the IUA vice chancellor.

The Minister of Health, Mr. Mamoun Humaida, received in his office on Sunday 10 February 2019 Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the University's vice chancellor, in the presence of Prof. Mohamed Hassan Al-Takina, the head of the Medical Training, where he discussed many important topics related to the development of medical facilities in the university.

The Minister of Health in the State of Khartoum promised to complete all the decrees and procedures on accreditation of the IUA teaching hospital, in addition to the ratification of the hospital in OmDum, which the Minister approved  for the university to operate as well as granting the university four health centers to operate, including the center of Soba West Health Center Al-Rumaila, that is agreed by the Minister of Health and approved the continuation of medical students to their normal training in hospitals, which it was stopped before.

On his response, the university's vice chancellor prof. Kamal mohammed  Obaid  explained the university's commitment to provide specialists and nurses centers that were assigned to the university. He also assured the University's commitment to patients' meals in hospitals where the university's medical students are trained.