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The Board of International Secondary School Certificate holding its 35th meeting.

The Board of the International secondary  School Certificate held its 35th meeting under the chairmanship of Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the vice chancellor of the University and the President of the Council on Wednesday 6/22/2019 in the hall of Professor Tayeb Zein Al Abidine in the presence of Prof. Musa Taha Tayallah, Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, and Dr. Adam Taha Hussein, Director of the Islamic Center of Africa, Secretary General of the International secondary  School as well as the presence of the members of the Council from in and outside of Sudan where the meeting dealt with so many topics which aims to develop the international secondary certificate program. The meeting approved the report of the General Secretariat of the International Secondary School Certificate in June 2018 until January 2019. The financial report for the September 2018 session was approved and the results of the September 2018 exam were approved and the participants approved a proposal for the revision and resettlement of the secondary school curricula in Africa. The participants discussed the importance of the international secondary certificate and the development of its programs alongside with its curricula and the circulation of the participants in various issues during the meeting and referred some of the executive committees for the advancement of this academic program.