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The Launching of the workshop for the Students Association of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing. (I can plant)

The scientific workshop of the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing entitled (I can plant), organized by the Association of Students of the Faculty was launched on Wednesday afternoon 25 September 2019 in the presence and participation of the students of the Faculty with the honor of Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the vice chancellor of the University and the Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda in Khartoum as well as Dr. Mohammed Osman Albili the Dean of the Faculty and Dr. Omar Taha, head of the Department of Admission and Registration, where the opening session involves a number of words, most notably the speech of the Ambassador of Rwanda in Khartoum, who praised the university's effort through the establishment of the Faculty specialized in technology of agricultural production and processing and linking the theoretical side of the Faculty together with its trained of graduates students that will contribute to the development of their communities.


The vice chancellor of the University, Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, praised the high strive of the students of the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing, pointing out that the commitment of the Faculty's 200 students to provide the food for 5,000 students inside the university is a proof of the ability of a group of Africans to feed the entire continent, adding that the International University of Africa is expanding the establishment of a number of specialized Faculty in these fields, most notably the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing, to graduate students capable of leading agricultural development in Africa.

The Vice Chancellor also assured that the human health of African people, He pointed out that most of the diseases that were endemic in Africa were due to contaminated food and concluded with the ability of the Faculty to provide experts in the field of agriculture in African continent.

Lastly, the Rwandan Ambassador in Khartoum was honored by the university and was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor to the exhibition point.