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The preparatory meetings for the arrangement of twenty-sixth session University Board of Trustees meeting.

The first meeting on the activities of the University's Board of Trustees twenty-sixth session meeting will be held in early January 2020.

The meeting was presided over by Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the vice chancellor of the University, in the presence of Professor Musa Taha Tay Allah, Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, Dr. Jafar Badi, Deputy vice chancellor Financial and Administrative Affairs, Director of the Executive Office, Heads of External Relations, Public Relations officer as well as IUA Media Officers, Deans of Medicals complex together with the deans of Faculty of Economic and the head of African Bank of investment and development.

The meeting discussed the arrangement of the programs to be held within the activities of the Council as concluded by meeting should start preparations by sending invitations to members of the Council from home and abroad.