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The Director General of the Al- Baladi Bank visits the University and the two sides hold a joint meeting.

A meeting was held on Thursday 19/9/2019 at Al-Tayeb Zain Al-Abidin Hall between the University and the Bank of Al-Balad.

The meeting dealt with many important topics and issues of common concern in the presence of Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Mr. Salah Hassan, Director General of Al-Balad Bank, Dr. Jaafar Hassan Badi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs, together with other deans from various faculties and heads of the concerned departments as well as heads of departments from the Bank.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the Vice Chancellor of the University, welcomed the attendees, noting that this meeting is meant to discuss the detailed issues and what can be reached within the framework of consolidating the distinguished relationship between the two sides.

However, Dr. Abdu Dawud was tasked to develop a work schedule for the implementation of what was agreed between the two sides. The Director General of Al-Balad Bank affirmed their relationship with the University, noting that the Bank has a contract with institutions in Uganda and Kenya with regard to rapid bank transfers of currencies.

He also assured the bank's readiness to cooperate with the university in the field of providing technical consultancy and feasibility studies, stressing the support of the university through the program of social responsibility and announced their readiness to allocate some projects under the social responsibility.

In a related context, Director General of Al-Balad Bank emphasized the possibility of benefiting from the university media channels in the announcement of marketing programs and its marketing activities.

The delegation made an introductory tour of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in the University to find out the African Bank's training site in the Faculty.