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The University continues receiving condolences messages for deceased Sheikh Yusuf Al-Khalifa.

The University received many condolences messages over the death of Professor Yusuf Al-Khalifa Abu Bakr, founder and director of Yusuf Al-Khalifa Center for Writing Languages in Arabic text, who passed away on Friday, 13 September 2019.

(Be aware that creation is for the Creator, thanks to those who are forbidden, and for giving to the Almighty, it must be what exists, and there is no way to return what has passed away. He has set up with you what will go or leave you. The assets of our branches have gone to us, so that the branches remain after its origin, and anything’s worthy of patience, and the people of this world travel only to deprive passengers, and how happy are we when good thing befall us and how patience are going to exercise when other thing (Bad) befall on us).

The University also received a letter of condolence from Dr. Widad Naibi, director of the Ibn Battuta African Institute in Benin.