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Radio Africa interviews with IUA vice chancellor on the biography of the late Professor Youssef Al-Khalifa.

Radio Africa hosted on Sunday morning 15/9/2019, on the air live program with Professor Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the vice chancellor of the University, Speaking on the deceased of the University and the Islamic Ummah, Professor Yusuf Al-Khalifa Abu Bakr, founder and director of the Yusuf Al-Khalifa Center for Writing of Languages ​​in Arabic script, who was dead in the morning of Friday 12/9/2019 AD, where the deceased is one of the first founders of the university since it was an Islamic institute at that time.

 The VC pointed out that he was the first to establish the international high school diploma program, and founder as well as the director of the Yusuf Al-Khalifa Center for Writing Languages ​​in Arabic alphabets and in recognition of all these efforts the deceased played more important role in achieving the goals of this university.

Prof. Kamal Obeid explained that Prof. Yusuf Al-Khalifa, may Allah have mercy on him, had endowed with University a plot of land in south of Khartoum with an area of ​​ten acres with bright sides. The University has awarded him the status of Professor in the opening of its Board of Trustees meetings. And the virtues of the life and biography of the late deceased, which should be bitten by barriers to the life of a man who gave his entire life to Almighty Allah, preserving the book of Allah and work in it for the last breath in his life.

The interview was conducted by IUA media expert Mr. Motasem Fadl, Director of Radio Africa and Mr. Sanogo Zumana.