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Former IUA`s Vice Chancellors mentioned the major roles played by late Sheikh Yusuf Al-Khalifa.

The ceremony of honoring the late Sheikh Yusuf Al-Khalifa, was attended by many staff of the university, colleagues and students, where Professor Hassan Makki Mohamed Ahmed, former university vice chancellor mention more about the deceased and his eagerness to spread the Arabic language and science of the Koran as Prof. Omar Al Sammani, former university vice chancellor also, referring the losing of late Professor Yusuf Khalifa as the great loose to the Islamic nation in general and to the Arabic language in particular.

The incumbent vice chancellor of the University Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, also described the philanthropic work instilled by Prof. Yusuf El Khalifa, pointing out his great role in establishing the Islamic Center of Africa and then turning it into the International University of Africa, adding that Yusuf El Khalifa is a role model to all and great scholar. Virtues and exploits of the deceased Yusuf Al-Khalifa Abu Bakr on his role in the dissemination of the Arabic language and the holy Qur1an.