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The IUA Academic Planning Committee approves other academic programs during its meeting this morning.

The Academic Planning Committee of the University approved the program of developing the curriculum of Bachelor of Honor in Pharmacy Sciences at the Faculty of Pharmacy and the establishment of the Department of Food Technology at the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing, in its meeting on Thursday morning, September 12, 2019, at the Tayeb Zein El Abidine Hall, chaired by Prof. Mousa Taha Tayallah, Deputy Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs in the presence of Professor Abdul Salam Mahmoud Abdullah, Rapporteur of the Committee and other Deans of the faculties, where Prof. Tariq Al-Hadiya, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, submitted a proposal to develop a Bachelor of Honor Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences, which was referred to the Academic Planning Committee by the Senate Council for further study and revision. Professor Tariq reviewed the level of work in the development of program and its justifications for the development, vision and the mission as well as the decisions of the program as addressed during the review of the scientific departments in this Faculty and members of the Committee made some important observations that contribute to the development of the program C.

The committee took a decision to approve it after making the amendments mentioned in the discussion with the senate council on this regard.

In line with the renaissance and development witnessed by the Faculty and the encouragement by the scientific research reaching the objectives of the faculty and its various departments as well as its justification of founding the vision, mission and decisions of the proposed program.

Furthermore, after deliberations and extensive discussion about the proposal has been approved Cm Technology, Faculty of Food Technology agricultural production and manufacturing to become one of the overall task, which will contribute to the overall development and renaissance sections should be noted that these programs were referred to the Academic Planning Committee by the Senate Council during its last meeting No. 144.