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The IUA Senate Council holds its 144th meeting and approves some academic programs.

On Saturday morning, September 7, 2019, the IUA Senate council hold the meeting No. 144 at Professor Tayeb Zein El Abidine Hall of the university, the meeting presided by the IUA vice Chancellor Prof. Kamal Muhammed Obaid.

The meeting was attended by Professor Musa Taha, Deputy vice Chancellor Academic Affairs together with the members of the Senate Council. The Council approved the report of scientific affairs where they listened to the proposal to develop the curricula of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Senate Council also decided to present the proposal to the academic committee and sent it back to the Senate Council for final approval. The Council also approved the list of the university archives. They also approved at this meeting No. 144 the results of postgraduate studies and bachelor of various faculties as well as the results of undergraduates, which was numbered to 1230 students this year.

The meeting also listened to a report on the measures taken regarding the enforcement of the decisions of the establishment of the African Council for Medical Profession presented by Dr. Omar Adil the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, it was also approved the accreditation of Master and Ph.D. program in the Faculty of Nursing Sciences and the Master and Doctoral Program in the Faculty of Medical Laboratories.

The Council also decided to form a committee headed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs to consider the baccalaureate certificate for doctors applying for graduate studies, provided for the doctors with bachelor's degree applying for post graduate studies to be arranged graduate program for them in the Faculty of Medicine in accordance with the decisions reached by the Committee.