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The IUA vice chancellor supports the experience of Crown agricultural project in Shendi city.

Shendi - Monitoring and Photography - Hassan Ali Taha

Perhaps, there is strong indication that will define the university administration and its striving to promote the university farms in production increases and support the university's own resources.

However, this has made Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid the university`s vice chancellor in a continuous roaming sensation looking for a successful agricultural experiment that will contributes to the inspiration of those responsible for production in the university as well as its development extension.

The University on Wednesday morning, September 4, 2019 move to look on the experience of the Crown agricultural project in the city of Shendi together with the Pakistani investor Abdul Saleem Abdul Karim, where he was accompanied during the visit by Mr. Bahari Tayeb head of the production department in the university and Mr. Qamar Al-Anbiya Essa head of Public Relations and Media of the university, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Amin, Director in the Vc`s Office and Dr. Rashid Mubarak, a lecturer of Petroleum Economics at the University.

Where the delegation wandered around the various units of the developed project in terms of agricultural techniques and advanced machines. The delegations also visit the vast areas of alfalfa farms with axial irrigation, as well as the delegation on advanced workshops that manufacture all the spare parts needed by the plant machinery in addition to workshops for the maintenance of mechanisms as well as VC`s delegation accompanying him on the industrial experiments of the project, which is the production of sugar from sugar cane, that is being processed within the project as well as the delegation on the vast areas planted with many fruit trees and other types of trees that benefit from the Various fields as the delegation sheds milk cows and sophisticated systems and the court used to feed these cows. Lastly, the university delegation looked at the experience of basmati rice cultivation in the project.


At the end of the IUA delegations visit to the Crown Agricultural Project in Shendi, Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the university vice chancellor thanked the project management for the invitation, praising the great development in the way of managing the project and its various units.

The vice chancellor assured the university readiness to send the students of the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing for training in the project and stand on the level of production.

The Cooperation will also include the fields of research and cooperation in agricultural machinery.

The vice chancellor also pointed out the possibility of cooperation between the university and the project managers in the development of West Omdurman farm, inviting the management of the project to visit the university and its engineering workshops as well as West Omdurman farm.


The visit was concluded with these lines and assured that agriculture is the only way out for Sudan which owns a piece of land does not exceed several acres of self-sufficiency and provides general sustenance in a country that has millions of acres arable.