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The University Senate Council convened and discusses much important topics.

The meeting of the University Senate Council No. 9 for the year 2019 was chaired by Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the University`s vice chancellor, in the presence of the his two deputies as well as the members of the Senate Council from inside and outside the University.

The council listened to the report of the academic activities in the university presented by Professor Musa Taha, the deputy vice chancellor academic and cultural affairs and also listened the report on the African on administrative affairs of the university, where it was presented by Dr. Jaafar Badi, Deputy vice chancellor on Administrative and Financial Affairs.

Furthermore, the senate council also listened to a report on the sacrifice on Eid al-Adha presented by Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Marouf, Dean of Student Affairs. The meeting also listened to a report on the African Council for Medical Specialties presented by Dr. Omar Al-Adel Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, as they listened to the report on the African Development and Investment Bank presented by Dr. Abdou Daoud, the bank's director.

Where all the topics discussed witnessed an extensive discussion of the members of the Council led to many of the directives that will be appointed in the implementation of university projects.


The University Senate Council meeting was move the university farm in Al-Aylofun for an exhibition of the products organized by the students of the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing.