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The IUA`s farm in Al-Aylofoun is moving into the new era of production and productivity.

University Farm: Abdel Badie Hamza Photo by Abdel Fadil Youssef


The university farm in Aylofon and the students of the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological processing have been in continuous mobility to update the distinctive experience and development and in line with the requirements of the pension reality and standing, documenting the experiment.

It is noteworthy that vermicelli and pasta were made differently from the previous era, in terms of diversity and shapes in a related session. We found a group of Faculty`s students in the agricultural fields working hard and enthusiastically in cleaning the weeds in the so-called open cultivation (sunflower, peanuts and corn).

The emulations of those students when they return to their home countries have accumulated experience in this area and in the same context we had a dialogue with the student Mustafa Mohammed from Nigeria, studying in the Faculty Agricultural Production and Technological processing, specializes in orchards wandering in the midst of sunflowers, praising the management of the university and the as well as that of his faculty for giving students the opportunity to that experiment.

The process and the actual training, pointing out that the sunflower crop was planted on 20/6 and will be harvested after three months and that the students are the ones who carry out all the agricultural operations until the harvest season and its continuous guidance and follow-up of their lecturers in the faculty.

Thus, through these scenes we can say that the university is moving rapidly towards the application of the emblem of productive university and through its various faculties and groping this evident through the vigor and high activity of students and their firm desire to make the generous activities and adapt it as they roam the agricultural fields in preparation, agriculture, cleanliness and harvesting as well.