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The IUA deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs arrives in Addis Ababa and visits Faculty of Imam Al-Shafei.

The delegation of the University headed by the deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, accompanied by the dean of the Faculty of Education and the dean of the Faculty of Arabic Language as well as Head of the Department of Public Relations and Information, arrived in Addis Ababa on Friday over the invitation of the Ethiopian Ministry of Education in the framework of scientific and cultural cooperation between the University and the Ministry.

The reception was hosted by the Ministry of Education at the Inter-Continental Hotel in the presence of the Director of the Ministry of Education, the vice chancellor of the University of Kutbe, the Director of Education at the Ministry and the Department of Education. During the dinner, important discussions were made on the points of cooperation between the university and the ministry.


The university delegation also visits the Faculty Imam Shafei.

On Saturday morning, the university delegation visited the Faculty of Imam Shafi'i in the city of Adama, 80 km away from the capital Addis Ababa, where a meeting was held during which the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the faculty, Sheikh Haji Ibrahim and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in the state of Arumo welcomed the delegation. Mohammed Kamel welcomed the delegation and thanked the university for its contribution to the Islamic world and the faculty`s co-existance and support by the university and gave a brief about the establishment of the Faculty the courses they offer, the IUA was chosen to be a proprietor of the Faculty.

On his reract, Professor Musa Taha, Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, thanked the Faculty of Imam Al-Shafei for their great hospitality. He pointed out that the aim of the faculty`s visit is to pros check its basic principles meet with the criteria of affiliation with the International University of Africa`s main goal and that of the Faculty of Imam Shafi'I, one of the Faculty concerned, especially in the teaching of the Arabic language and the rehabilitation of teachers and students as expressed in the initial approval until the completion of the Faculty criteria for affiliation.

The delegation toured the Faculty and its classrooms. At the end of the visit, the delegation addressed the luncheon held in honor of the delegation and presented a certificate of appreciation to the university for receiving the King Faisal Prize for serving Islam.