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The vice chancellor meets with students of the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing.

Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the IUA`s vice chancellor, met on Saturday, July 20, 2019, with students of the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological processing at their hostel located  in the university`s farm in El-Aelofun, in the presence of Dr. Ja`afar Badi, Deputy vice chancellor Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Othman Al-Bayli, the dean of the faculty of Agricultural Production and Technological Processing, together with Mr. Qamar Al-Anbiya Isa, head of Information and Public Relations department.  However, the meeting dealt with many issues that are beneficial to the faculty.

At the beginning of the meeting, the President of the Agricultural Association in the faculty spoke to the students about the strategy of the faculty, which is based on continuous training alongside with the practical and theory.

Dr. Mohammed Othman Al-Bayli, the dean of the faculty, reviewed the future plans as well as programs provided by his faculty in field of training of students and their participations in farming activities.

Professor Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the university's vice chancellor, praised the students for their tearless efforts in contributing to the university`s farm development and their vital role played in agricultural and productive activities in the farm.

The VC pointed out that the best element of farm care is students and their lecturers in terms of feeding of the IUA students, he also recommended students to learn more innovations that will lead to contribute to the development of agricultural productivity operations in the farm through their effort and scientific research.

The VC promised the students of the eighth semester by admitted them as assistance lecturers to enjoy the same rights and duties as the trainee lecturers in the university. They are going to be the first master's students in the faculty and he promised to give them certificate after their graduation. in addition to their basic certificate, he added that the faculty of agricultural production and technological processing is the model of all faculties in the university that almost of all of them has produce more to the university.


On his react, Dr. Jafar Badi, Deputy vice chancellor Financial and Administrative Affairs expreesed the need for the university administration to stand with the faculty and its students to provide all its needs for the purpose of training and production.