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The Qatari Red Crescent promised to sponsored many students IUA.

In the framework of their support in education, the Qatar Red Crescent has endowed 700,000 dollars annually to the university in order to cover the expenses of 300 students from African countries in their various academic fields.

The Agreement was signed on behalf of the Qatar Red Crescent by the head of the Qatar Red   Crescent ambassador Ali Hammadi, while Prof. Musa Taha Tay-Allah signed on behalf of the university and its vice chancellor.

This support comes within the framework of the close relationship between the University and many Qatari charities organizations, led by the Qatar Red Crescent, which has been helping the university and its students.

Qatar has been a founding member of the IUA since its previous phase in the name of the Islamic Center Africa. It has maintained its position in the Board of Trustees with other founding countries and has maintained the annual contribution to the university budget.

 The current contribution of the Qatari Red Crescent comes as an additional contribution of Qatar's annual contribution to the university budget.