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The IUA vice chancellor participates in the understanding program for the exchange of lecturers and students among the global Islamic universities.

 On Thursday, July 11, 2019, Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the university's vice chancellor, participated in the program of special understanding of exchange of lecturers and students among the global Islamic universities organized by the World Organization for Culture and Science (ISESCO) in collaboration with the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World.

In his meeting with other dignitaries during the program, the Director General of ISESCO, Dr. Sa`ad al-Malik discussed on the experience of the International University of Africa effort in winning of the King Faisal International Prize for the work in the field of education and provide services to the world, he said.

In his speech, the university vice chancellor pointed the experience of the International University of Africa in exchange of students, lecturers and other beneficial programs in Islamic universities through the establishment of the Association of Islamic Universities and bound a strong relationship with affiliated faculties around the world with the adoption of twinning system between faculties and its counterpart in other universities.

He referred to the university's experience in addressing the issues of financing the academic process and developing the University's productive program within the framework of the economics education.

The meeting is expected to come out with a program of working together to improve the cooperation between the universities of Islamic countries under the supervision of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and this program will present some proposals for the meeting to ministers of education in Islamic countries that will referring to the next meeting to adopt the outcome of these proposals.

The meeting was honored by the Ambassador of Sudan in Ribat HE Ambassador Khaled Fath Al-Rahman.