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Al-Akhbar newspaper is proud with the IUA in many of its issue, this morning.

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Al-Akhbar newspaper published in its daily news Tuesday morning, July 9, 2019, reveal its proud with the University through the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the editor as well as the staff of the newspaper company, according to the newspaper in the number 1892 dated June 27 in an article written by the Mortaza Al-Ghali the newspaper expressed its appreciation to the international University of Africa in improving Sudanese community, the African continent and all over the globe. It is an incubator for the best lecturers and students, that has led thousands of graduates to higher grade in their respective countries.


The newspaper expressed its pride and gratitude with the university and its administration as well as the lecturers in the name of all editors, assuring that the article does not represent the opinion of the newspaper nor its policy or the opinion of its editor and board of directors rather this our mandatory to public the selfless effort of the university`s vice chancellor.