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The International University of Africa: Concealment of conditions, defeating impossible and complete its academic year successfully.

Written by: Hassan Ali Taha


The stability of the academic year in IUA, this year is one of the most outstanding successes of the university, the university boasts in many Nations, especially during the conditions experienced by this country in the past period, which forced all Sudanese educational institutions to close its doors until it found itself in front of a new academic year without completing it last session. But the university has been keen to stabilize the academic year with the determination of its management, lecturers as well as students which is now reaping the fruits of that steadfastness and its academic year enters its last week’s preparing to face into the new academic year that has fulfilled.

 The great technical development that the University has achieved in different fields, especially the academic field and the excellent cognitive environment, has made the university a catch-all and a magnet for the students and their families so that it became a very reputable university when it is mentioned in the societies, making families eager to accept and register their sons inside it, while the other university students seeking stability and good environment.

 All this goes hand in hand with the productivity boom witnessed by the University's various units as well as the University's productive project, which aims self-sufficiency and self-reliance in light of the changes that are taking place in the world where the survival of the product as well as a goods, and training room for the university`s students through which the university prepare its owned students to go to their community and prepared to help them to lead the developmental activities and contribute in building of their community connected to the mission of the university, which aims through its activities to contribute to the building of Africans and Islamic societies.

The most important thing that should be proud with this university is between the sidewalks and in front of guests and the Board of Trustees as well as the stability that witnessed the academic year under the circumstances experienced by the receiving country which is Sudan has drawn attention of the students family and thinking the way to manage the crisis where the university serves as center for diversity of students that come from more than eighty-five countries around the world.

Congratulations to the International University Africa, its management, students and staff and the special congratulations to the Department of Information Technology and the administration of examinations and certificates on their implementation of the entitlements of the examinations of students despite the interruption circumstances of Internet from the country and congratulations to the International University of Africa, which exist in Allah`s power as well as its management and employees. May Allah bless you all.