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The University will embark on study application system and the electronic attendance system for university students.

A meeting was held on Sunday, July 7, 2019 in the Office of the vice chancellor of the University, between the university administration represented by the vice chancellor, Prof. Kamal Muhammad Obaid, dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Head of the Information Technology Department Dr. Muhammad Salah as well as the delegation of Ultra Electronic Systems.

Where the meeting discussed on the implementation of attendance system with fingerprinting for university students, the delegation of the company introduced various systems used by the other universities and the possibility of developing those systems to be activate in the university with the technical development that is in it.

On his react, the university vice chancellor Prof. Kamal Muhammad Obaid, stressed the University's keenness to connect all digital systems with one another in order to serve the development and digital transformation so that the University to move forwards successfully.

The company's delegation listened to the attendees' comments on the design of a modern system suitable for the university where the system is expected to start applying in the Faculty of Medicine.