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The University participates in the Arab Radio and Television Festival in Tunis…

The IUA participated in the Arab Radio and Television Festival in Tunis, where it was represented by Mr. Muatasem  Fadl, the Director of  Africa Radio and Professor Badr El-Din Ahmed Ibrahim, Director of the University Educational Channel(Al`alamiyya TV) , participated in the arbitration committees of the 20th session of the Arab Radio and Television Festival in the Federation of Arab States of Tunisia. The Golden Day of the Union was celebrated in Khartoum, A number of founders including media experts, Professor Ali Shamo, Mr. Mohamed Sayed Ahmed, former financial and administrative director of the Union, and Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud, the engineering director as well as founder of the engineering center in Khartoum.

During the festival, the entourage visits the Union building and the Media Training Academy, headed by Tunisian media expert Rida Al-Najjar, and held a meeting with the Director of the Union of Engineers Abdul Rahim Sulaiman, and concluded the events with a closing ceremony in the historical city at the Opera Theater, it is worth mentioning that the participants who representatives the university were in the arbitration committees.