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Professor Abu Zeid Atta Al-Manan gift the University`s Library some important books and dictionaries.

Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the university's vice chancellor, accompanied by Prof. Mohamed Hassan Eltikina, the head of the Medical Training Center, and Dr. Abdullah Abdel Khalek, dean of the of Library Affairs, visited Professor Abu Zeid Atta El-Manan, former lecturere at the Faculty of Medicine at his home in Arkaweet, Where Professor Abu Zeid welcomed the visitors and thanks to the University for its contact with its staff and gave some beneficial books and dictionaries to the library of the University almost 41 books.

On his react, the IUA vice chancellor thanked Professor Abu Zeid Ali for his support for university`s library in advance of his invitation to return to the university and continue his scientific efforts.

The collection of books dedicated to the university library is as follows:

Dictionary of the Hadiths of the Prophet Peace be upon him, the dictionary of the Hadith Index of the words of Hadith, Musnad Imam Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Saheeh Muslim,  Musnad ibn Majah Musnad bin Abu Dawood, Musnad al – Darami, Sahih Bukhari Musnad al – Tirmizi, Muwatta Imam Malik Musnad Nisa`i.