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The Founding Committee of the African Council for Medical Specialties in the University (African Board) holds a meeting and discusses many important issues.

On Wednesday 29/5/2019 at the office of the IUA vice chancellor, the Board Directors of the African Council for African Specialists (AUC) holds a meeting in the university.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the University's vice chancellor in the presence of Prof. Musa Taha Tayallah, Deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, Professor Hassan Abuaisha and other prominent members of the Committee. Dr. Omar Al-Adil Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in IUA, briefed the Committee on the ongoing arrangements and steps achieved in this regard, expressing the University's readiness for this huge health project because of its technical capabilities to make this program very aware some.

It is worth noting that the Board of Directors of Directors of the University of Abu Dhabi is a pioneer in the development of human resources in African health.

The University vice chancellor offered his sincere thanks to the attendees. He appreciated these ideas and good suggestions that contribute to the framing of this project to become a reality, and later assured that the university is eager to provide a concrete services in the medical field, and in light of its responsibility towards the community where such ideas and strategic projects can be used.