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Closing ceremony of the seminar for Senior Armed Forces Command No. (14):


The seminar for the Senior Sudanese Armed Forces Commanders No. 14 organized by the Islamic Center of Africa in collaboration with the General Directorate of the armed forces, Guidance and Services was concluded today Tuesday, 14/5/2019 at Professor Taieb Zine El Abidine hall located inside the university administrative block in the presence of General Abdullah Al-Basheer Ahmed Al-Sadiq as representative of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Fateh Al-Rahman Mohammed Ahmed Al-Ansari, Director of the General Department of Guidance and Services, as well as Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the University's vice chancellor, deans from various faculties and heads of departments in the university where the closing ceremony consist some words of advises and speech by the head of Da`awa at the Islamic Center of Africa together with some lecturers there present and Dr. Adam Taha Hussein Director of the Islamic Center of Africa and Director of the Department of Guidance, counselling and services during the event.

Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obeid praised the effort of the armed forces and their ability to deal with the various events efficiently and effectively. This is a source of pride and reassurance as he put it as assured the continuity of such educational programs which is one of the IUA mission to build good partnership between the two sides.

On his react, Lieutenant General Abdullah Al-Basheer Ahmed Al-Sadiq, who is the representative of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressed his appreciation to the University's administration for this great effort of such courses in the field of Islamic jurisprudence which are of great interest to the officers. He called for the continuity of such courses between the university and the military institution, praising the university's role in spreading education all over the world.  

At the end of the ceremony, so many personalities were honored who contributed to the success of the course.