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Some spiritual lesson to be considered during the holy month of Ramadan about the International University of Africa.

Prepared by: Abdel-Badea Hamza

Before the holy month of Ramadan, the International African University and its various mosques are preparing to receive this grace month, where these lighthouses are brightly lit, and mosques are crowded with worshipers who come from all over the world and mingle with these different nationalists, emphasizing the unity of the Islamic Ummah and the strength of its strivings and its cohesion in one crucible, which brings in self-confidence, mercy and certainty.


Every year, the mosques of the university are brightly lit by the decorated lights in preparation for this blessed month, where the strong feelings and the spirits are raised, and they embrace the chandelier in an atmosphere of faiths, spirituality reverence for the chanting of the throats with a recitation of the holy Qur`an and some narratives that lead to the peace, mercy and tranquility of the faithful and the worshipers inside the mosque at all sides.

this university distinguishes with other universalities by its uniqueness concerning cultural diversity and the difference of tradition and culture in the finest picture in which the highest ideals of Islamic unity and cohesion.

   Every year, with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, organizations, institutions and charitable organizations are eager to organize collective opportunities for university students in their hostels and university premises, which changes their souls and enhances the values of compassion, that poster cooperation, cohesion and humanity.

May almighty Allah reward them abundantly, and accept all of our deeds.