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The IUA receives the Minister of Foreign Affairs and congratulates the University on winning the King Faisal Prize for serving Islam.

On Monday April 8, 2019, the University received Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Dardiri Mohamed Ahmed accompanied by a high-level delegation from the Ministry, including Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Osama Faisal, the secretary General in the Ministry, Ambassador Badruddin Abdullah and Assistant secretary Ambassador Elham Ibrahim. Prof. Mohamed Taha Tayallah, the IUA deputy vice chancellor academic and Cultural Affairs, Dr. Osama Mirghani, VC`s personal assistance as well as  Mr. Tajuddin Niyam, head of the External Relations Office, together with some of the deans of varoiuos Faculties and university students along with  their countries flags.

At the beginning of the meeting, the university vice chancellor welcomed the minister and his accompanying team and also thanks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its continuous cooperation with the university and its support for its mission, explaining the integration of the roles between the university and the foreign ministry will never be in vain, and assured that the visit of the Sudanese diplomatic leadership to the university is a great honor for the university.  Adding that the University's winning of King Faisal Prize for serving Islam is the result of the efforts of the university staff and the reputation of its graduates as well as the support and standing of the Government of Sudan with the University. He revealed that the Sudanese graduates were spread throughout the world good for the University in the performance of its mission, noting that the International University of Africa was the foundation of a number of Islamic institutions in Burundi and thanked the Embassy of Sudan in Saudi Arabia for the good reception offered to the delegation of the University which The award was received in Riyadh.

On his react, the honorable Minister Foreign affairs Dr Dardiri Mohammad Ahmed congratulated the university as well as university representatives throughout the world for winning the King Faisal International Prize in the service of Islam, adding that the award is honored to give the University  and thanks to the General Secretariat for the selection of the African International University, Which has been shrouded throughout the ages The minister said despite all these circumstances, the university was able to transfer knowledge all over the world where it made Sudan to provide the service and mission of Sudan to the world, which is the service of science until it received the certificate of non-Muslims. The university represents the soft diplomacy of the Sudan, thanking the University for played an important role in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs efficiently and effectively as the university has turned away from Arab and Islamic diplomacy in this country.