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IUA IT Department participates in the Global e-Learning Conference in Japan.

The e-learning unit of the IT Department represented by Mr. Al-Munther Salah and Mr. Abdullah Daj, participated in the international conference of e-learning at Shibuza University for Science and Technology in Japan from 27/2/2019 to 1/3/2019.

On the sidelines of the conference, representatives of the university met with the founder of the global system of the system (Martin Doguizem). A presentation was presented on the university's experience in the electronic exams, which impressed the attendees with the percentage of full application of the experience in all university examinations for all stages. A number of representatives of Japanese universities, The visit of the university was also discussed with the chairman of the forum Martin and the programmer and organizer of the meeting Jordan, the possibility of hosting the university for the event in the future where the idea was welcomed by the organizers.