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IUA Initiation of the establishment of the African Council of Medical Specializations (African Board).

 Prof. Mohammed Taha Tayallah, Deputy Director of Scientific and Cultural Affairs, and a number of deans of medical colleges, heads of departments and medical society of the University of Africa (AMSA) students and members of the University from the Council of Sudanese Medical Specialties on Sunday morning 24/2/2019 in the hall of Professor Tayeb Zine El Abidine University administration to discuss the establishment of the African Council for Medical Specialties at the University. At the beginning of the meeting, the Vice Chancellor welcomed the attendance participants in the meeting and then presented Professor Sheikh Siddiq Badr vision and presentation on the establishment of the Council included a number of key axes, notably the initiative and the reality of medical specialties in Africa and the rationale for the establishment of the African Board as well as opportunities and stages of preparation and implementation and challenges and the main requirements of the project, noting that the University of Africa and the world, and a qualitative extension of the leading role played in the development of human resources African health comes from this important strategic aspect of this project, addressing the reality of health specialties in Africa, pointing out that the Al-Shaikh pointed out that one of the most salient reasons for the establishment of the African Board is the completion of the mission of the African International University, pointing out that it is necessary to benefit from the experience of Sudanese and Arab ports and counterpart institutions globally in the framework of the technical capacity of this project, That the project of the African Council for Medical Specialties is a professional and ethical project and a possible dream. The participants deliberated about the vision presented and praised the distinguished presentation presented by Professor Sheikh and the integrated vision of this project through the axes through which he mentioned the vulnerability stressing that the university is qualified to adopt this dream, which will see the light in the coming months, God willing, on the ground and made a number of proposals and ideas that contribute to the success of this project, most notably that the African Union part of this project and attention to the subject of accreditation and recognition. At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the university's Vice Chancellor, said that the project of the African Council for Medical Specialties in the University (the African Board) will become a reality and will be launched within the projects of the Board of Trustees of the next university in its twenty-sixth session in January 2020, God willing, blood concrete services in the medical field, aware of its responsibility towards the community service.