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The IUA Vice Chancellor visits the educational camps for students and visits the university farm pavilion at the Sudan Poultry Exhibition and the farm window in youth markets.

Watch: Abdel - Badea Hamza: Camera: Abi Shaykh Al - Tayeb Mohammed Abdul Molly

Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the IUA Vice Chancellor toured the educational camps' headquarters on Thursday morning, 21/2/2019, where he began his visit to the student camp at the Youth and Student Training Center. He addressed his daughters to talk about the history of these convoys and educational camps since the university was an Islamic center Africa at the time, stressing that the convoys are the distinctive university, indicating that such programs led the university to win the recent King Faisal Prize for the service of Islam for the year 1440 H 2019, in the same context he however confirmed that the University looked at the evolution in the systems of the e-Learning project, which was implemented across the various faculties of the university, was an unrivaled success according to the vision and study of the court. The university, on its initiative and belief in the spread of Islamic education in the African regions, established the Union of Islamic Universities in Africa. He also said that the University of Africa would expand the program of graduate studies and training and rehabilitation of students to run these universities and colleges spread in Africa, as he called for and advised students to arm themselves with the weapon of science and knowledge and recommended the renewal of intentions in such a way the workers heard sovereignty to a number of inquiries and proposals and visions by the students for which the development of these programs.

And addresses the students of the educational camp at the University Farm by microphone:

After that, his Excellency and his accompanying delegation went to the university farm in El-Elfoun where he addressed the students of the educational camp and included the program on a number of cultural and creative paragraphs in the field of poetry and religious songs, which found a response and interaction by the attendees, which inflamed enthusiasm and morale and reflected here the ability of students and varied skills in eloquence and eloquence Poetry and prose. This is one of the objectives of these educational camps harmony and harmony and the discovery of talent and refined. Mr. Osman Mohamed Ali camp leader spoke, detailing the program of the camp daily and thanked the university administration to make those efforts Dr. Adam Taha Hussein, Director of the Islamic Center of Africa, stressed the continuity of such educational programs which contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of the University. In addressing the students, the Vice Chancellor of the University addressed a number of issues and topics on which contribute to the development of the educational process at the university, including the University's productive experience and the successes achieved by the College of Production and Agricultural Processing in this regard, noting that such a model should be developed and circulated to the various units of the university and spoke about In the end of the program. Within the lectures held in the camp, Dr. Abdul-Yousif, dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, called on the students to thank God and renew the intention of God Almighty in such works.

The university farm pavilion inspected Khartoum International Fair:

After that, he went to the Khartoum International Fair to inspect the pavilion of the university farm at the Sudan Poultry Fair, where a number of companies and commercial houses participated. The Minister listened to a detailed explanation of the university's participation in the exhibition and the commercial pavilions participating in the exhibition. This participation comes within the framework of the definition of the University's agricultural and food products. The university participated in a number of international exhibitions inside and outside the Sudan.

He also inspected the window of the university farm for sale reduced green yard:

It is worth noting that the youth markets organized by the National Union of Sudanese Youth in the Green Square are the University's participation in this framework in support of the alleviation of the burden of living and the window is very popular by shoppers who praised the quality of the product.