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The IUA Vice Chancellor inspecting the scientific convoy of the Indimi College of Oil and Minerals Sciences in the area of Sablouga.

The area of ​​Sablouga: Abdel - Badee Hamza Abu Sheikh

The University administration has been following with great interest all that is going on in the corridors of the university development and improvement of performance. In this context, Professor Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the University's Vice chancellor on Wednesday 20/2/2019 accompanied by Professor Zein Ahmedalzin Dean of the Faculty of Indemi oil and minerals visit inspection in coordination with the Islamic Center of Africa from 2/2 to 28/2/2019.The convoy management organized a meeting with the students during which one student Ahmed Abdul Majeed represented the students enumerating the benefits that the students earned from such field programs and pointing out in detail to the program of the convoy in both the field and the suit. In a related context, Dr. Saddam Hassan representative of the convoy management said that such programs are very important in developing the students’ skills and experience, stressing that the area of ​​the Sablouqa is considered a rare and unique geological model for the geological and applied study, indicating that they have covered the plan to be implemented through this trip linked to the practical and practical aspect praising The students' performance and excellence through the tasks entrusted to them.  

Professor Zein Ahmed Al Zein, Dean of the Indemi College of Petroleum and Minerals Sciences, thanked the University's administration for its continuous support to the College until the College became one of the faculties of the university. The college is keen to maintain such field programs for the students of the college. The faculty will discuss the benefits of field programs for students, promising the students the new academic system that the university is applying to all faculties.

In his address to the students, Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the Vice Chancellor of the University, said that the environment of the Sablouga area is favorable and suitable for such field programs and your presence here in the production area is self-congratulatory, praising the excellent report presented by the student representative through his account of the detailed daily program of the convoy. And that the university is diligent that its students be among the best students in their various fields, pointing out that the university will not hesitate to provide the required support to the colleges to contribute to the preparation of these students in the form that oversees the university as he said about the academic system, which will be applied by the university. However, Vice Chancellor  said that we are thinking carefully about the short distances in the application of this system. The students will accept such new systems for the most important and their knowledge of modern technologies and technology, which makes it easier for them to urge their students to provide initiatives to contribute to the development of the educational process in the university, indicating that his administration is thinking of finding a permanent headquarters for such field programs directed by the college administration to expedite the completion of land procedures which will be the seat of such programs. At the end of the meeting the Vice Chancellor listened to a number of ideas and proposals submitted by students in a harmonious family atmosphere where students propose that the university should contribute to support the region by opening a window for the reduced sale of the university farm products, as well as the presence of the medical and health side in the area and activating the Geological Society in the college to perform its required role in coordination and cooperation with the college administration.