The work begins at the university farm in West Omdurman and a delegation from the university visits the neighboring village of the farm

The delegation of the University of West Omdurman, which has an area of 3000 thousand feddans, started the work of fencing the farm through Wells Drilling Company, which will also dig wells in the farm. And Dr. Mohamed Othman Al-Baili, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Production Technology, and Mr. Bahari Al-Tayeb, Director of Al-Affoun University Farm, inspected Saturday morning, April 14, 2018, the initial works of the farm.

The university delegation visits the villages of Kabbabesh adjacent to the farm

The delegation visited the villages and areas of Kababish adjacent to the farm in West Omdurman where the delegation inspected the schools and Khallawi and small mosques established by the people of the region with their own effort, accompanied by Mayor Aldo mayor of the villages of Kababish West Omdurman where the Director of the university announced the University's commitment to rehabilitation In addition to the establishment of a center for rural development in the region, as well as the announcement of sending convoys of prayers and health to the people of the villages neighboring the farm.

For their part, the villagers welcomed the visit of the university's delegation to the university and welcomed the delegations and convoys of health and advocacy.



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