A delegation of Nigerian university professors and scholars visits the university

Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the University's Director, received a delegation of scientists and university professors in Nigeria headed by Professor Mohammad Sani Zahraddeen, former Director of Bayero University, on Thursday 12/4/2018 at the Abdul Rahim Hall at the university administration. And the number of colleges and students and programs offered by the role of graduates of the University in the development of their communities, praising in the same regard the initiatives of the Nigerian businessman Dr. Haj Indimi, a member of the Board of Trustees of the University and strengthen the Indemi College of oil and minerals and his sponsorship for great number of Nigerian students in the University  The delegation thanked the university administration for their hospitality and, praising the great role played by the university to serve the children of Muslims in Africa and the Islamic world. The delegation also visited the university’s faculties, including the Faculty of Pharmacy and Information, A detailed explanation of the programs offered by these colleges is worth noting that the delegation participated in the commemoration of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Tayeb this evening at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum.



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