The Deputy Director for Scientific and Cultural Affairs meets the delegation of the National Service Coordinator

Dr. Musa Taha Tay Allah, Deputy Director of Scientific and Cultural Affairs, met with the delegation of the General Coordinator of National Service headed by Dr. Khader Ahmed Mousa, Assistant General Coordinator for Development and Quality Sector, on Sunday 8/4/2018 at the Faculty Hall. National and Mr. Amar Al-Anbiya Issa, Head of Public Relations and Media Department at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Moussa welcomed the delegation in a detailed explanation about the university with its various students, colleges and programs, noting the role of university graduates in the development of their societies and the development and expansion witnessed by the university in all fields. Stressing the readiness of the university administration to cooperate and coordinate in a way that serves the objectives of the two institutions. For his part, Dr. Khader Ahmed Mousa thanked the university administration for the hospitality, praising the great development witnessed by the university. He pointed out that they are in the General Directorate of National Service keen to build a smart partnership with the university. The national service in the service and development of society, he said, referring to the experience and success of the university in the conduct of convoys to the various states of Sudan, enumerated the areas in which coordination with the university in the academic and training aspects, The two sides agreed to define another meeting in which the relevant bodies of the two institutions would be invited and a framework agreement would be signed between the two sides.



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