The Rector's visit to Kenya brings many benefits and results

Report: Hassan Ali Taha

Professor Kamal Mohammed Obeid's visit to the State of Kenya was very successful. The purpose of the visit was to participate in the celebrations of the University of the Ummah in Kenya by graduating the first batch of undergraduate and intermediate students, but it exceeded the visit and achieved many benefits and gains that will be placed in Islamic Education in Africa.

The head of the Federation of Islamic Universities in Africa (AUU) started his visit to Kenya on Monday on an inspection visit to the Grand Mosque in the center of the capital Nairobi. He also inspected the studios of the Grand Mosque of Herzon and met with the executive director of the mosque.

From the Grand Mosque in Nairobi, the Rector visited the Kenyan Parliament and met Kenyan Parliament Speaker Adam Berri Doually, the third man in the Kenyan government. The two sides discussed a number of issues of concern to Islamic education in Kenya.

In the same afternoon, the university's director met with a number of dignitaries at the Boma Hotel in downtown Kenyan, where he met with Dr. Abus Kouled, director of the Kenyan Red Cross, as well as a number of Kenyan university professors discussing the reality of Islamic education in Kenya.

On Tuesday morning, 27 March, the Rector continued his visit to Kenya, where he moved to Kagadou district, the headquarters of the University of the Ummah, to participate in the University celebrations to graduate the first batch of students at the level of bachelor and intermediate diploma attended by the President of the University President of the Union of Islamic Universities in Africa Governor of Kagadu State, Mr. Adam Berri Doually, President of the Kenyan Parliament majority, Third Man of the Kenyan Government, Ambassador Sadiq Abdulla of Sudan in Kenya, Mr. Abed Kouled of Kenya Red Cross, Combines Kenya, where he spoke at the graduation ceremony of the Director of the University of the Nation hello guests and gave thanks to the International University of Africa Dr. Al-Muhailan thanked the University of Africa for their care for the principles and projects of the late Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait's principles of good work in Africa should be the first lessons learned for graduates. He said that the University of Africa considers these graduates to be graduates because this is one of the objectives of the African International University in advance. To the Kenyan government to host the University of the Nation and facilitate the obstacles to them and also thanked the Association direct aid to give the University of Africa the honor of establishing the University of the nation also pointed out the University President in his speech to the celebration of the graduate program apprentice applied by the University opened the door to Graduates to join this program, referring to the university's quest to enter graduate programs in colleges affiliated to facilitate the students at the end of his speech, alumni of the university in all parts of Africa have contributed to development and education.

10 grants from the University of Kagadu district

On the sidelines of the ceremony, the Rector met with the governor of Kagadu province and announced ten scholarships from the university to the students of the province.

On Wednesday, the Rector continued his program of visits to Kenya, where he visited the Thika College in the morning, which was attended by Dr. Idli Farah, Dean of the University of Ummah and Dean of the College Dr. Ibrahim, a graduate of the Islamic Center of Africa and professors. Which developed from the university and met with the Rector, the professors of the College in advance of a number of tips and guidance that develop their capabilities and at the end of the visit was renewed agreement between the University and the University of the Ummah the university was signed by Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the university's director and the University of the Nation by its director Idli Farah.

The Minister of Education receives the Rector


After returning from the visit of Thika College for Islamic Studies, the University's Director met Amina, the Kenyan Minister of Education, in her office at the ministry. The minister talked about her visit to the university during her tenure as Foreign Ministry and the great work done by the university, noting that she will send a team to learn Arabic in the university, The President of the University spoke about the University's projects, its contribution to the community and the productive education project. Welcome any cooperation between the University, the Kenyan Ministry of Education and the Kenyan Universities

On the same day, Wednesday, March 28, following the meeting of the Minister of Education directly, the Rector headed to the Grand Mosque in the center of Nairobi where he met the graduates of the University of Africa in Kenya in the presence of Ambassador Sadiq Abdulla, Ambassador of Sudan in Kenya where the meeting dealt with a number of topics on how the graduates contribute to support the University and support relations The Sudanese Kenyan also prayed with the graduates of the Grand Mosque in Morocco.

On the same day, the Director of the University invited the dinner presented by the Raff College in the presence of the Ambassador of Sudan in Nairobi.

On the morning of Thursday, March 29, the university's director met with Dr. Nasser Shaaban, the first president of the Medical Association for African Students of the University, accompanied by Mr. Jumaa, a graduate of the university, where he addressed a number of different topics, most notably Dr. Maboua Mustafa hospital in Mombasa.

He receives the Chief of Guidance and Guidance of the Kenyan Armed Forces


Following the meeting with Dr. Nasser Shaaban, the University's Director in Nairobi met Brigadier Abdul Malik Rabee, Head of Guidance and Guidance of the Kenyan Armed Forces and Major Ibrahim Yousuf Abdulnour, a graduate of the University where the meeting dealt with the possibility of organizing courses for the officers of the Kenyan armed forces. The university should be addressed through the Kenyan military attaché in Sudan.


The Rector visits the Nairobi International High School

The University's Director of the Nairobi International Secondary Certificate Center attended the graduating ceremony of the students who sat for the March exams, where he addressed the students and stressed that the main objective of the university is to serve Muslim children in the world and in Africa in particular.

He visits the Islamic Guidance Complex in Nairobi


The Director of the Center also visited the Al-Huda Islamic Complex in Nairobi, which consists of a large mosque, a school, lecture halls and a television and radio studio, and received an explanation from the Director of the Center in the presence of Sharif Hussein, former Hajj official in Kenya. The Rector welcomed cooperation between the University and the Center, .


It is noteworthy that the Center's management is considering developing it into a university college.

He visits the International Symposium on Islamic Youth


From Al-Huda Islamic Complex, the Rector moved to the high school of the International Symposium for Islamic Youth, inspecting the classroom, library and school facilities.

And meets the invitation of Ambassador Sadiq Abdullah


In the evening, the Director of the University invited the dinner presented by Ambassador Sadeq Abdulla, Ambassador of the Sudan to Kenya, in the presence of Ambassador Karrar Al-Tuhami, Head of the Sudanese Affairs Working Abroad and Director of the University of the Ummah, Dr. Ismail Ibrahim, Head of the Office of the Direct Aid Association in Kenya, University of the Nation.

His Excellency gives a lecture on productive education

On Friday, Mr. Al-Sayyid, the university's director, delivered a lecture at the Embassy premises, entitled "The Productive Education for a Number of Nuba Mountains" at the invitation of Dr. Abdul Salam Koko, Head of Al Maktoum Charity Office in Kenya. In his lecture on the concept of productive education. He talked about the experience of the African International University in that field through the training courses for students represented by the university radio and satellite, the trHis Excellency also put forward a number of solutions for the development of agriculture in Sudan and the transfer of universities to the face of a roadmap for the renaissance of education in the areas of the Nuba Mountains, that peace prevails and focus on the settlement of educational and health services.

The Rector visits the city of Mombasa aining court and the workshops of the faculty of engineering and computer labs. Godly University which became cover all the needs of the university

The Director of the University left for Mombasa at 6 am on Saturday during the flight, where he was received at Mombasa airport by Dr. Nasser Shaaban, the first president of the Medical Association of African students in the university and the doctor in a number of Kenyan hospitals. Dr. Abu Yasser is a liberal graduate of the university and lecturer at Moi University.

He visits a hospital site


At the beginning of the tour, Mr. Mohamed Fayez, the university director, visited the donor to build a hospital in the name of Maboua Mustafa in the city of Mombasa, where we were accompanied to the land site where the university director presented the preliminary drawings to the engineering administration of the university to develop the final design of the hospital proposing to establish a college of medicine and health sciences. Accompanying the hospital in advance thanks to the donor Mohamed Fayez.


On the way, we took Mr. Mohamed Fiaz to his fish export factory and the manager stopped the experiment.

A member of the Kenyan parliament will meet


 Subsequently, the Rector met with the Kenyan parliamentarian from Mombasa


He visits the Kisone Institute


 He also visited the Kisoni Islamic Institute, which graduated a number of students, many of whom joined the University of Africa, where the administration of the Institute asked the university to establish courses in all fields (the university committed to this in addition to courses in teacher training)

And visits the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Mombasa


He also visited the Faculty of Islamic Studies of the Kisoni Institute and affiliated with the University where he discussed with me the administration of the college in a number of subjects, proposing to convert four chapters to teach Arabic and the university is committed to sending professors.


And inspect the College of Al-Munawwarah


He also inspected the college of Al-Munawarah affiliated with the University promising to provide assistance with references and books


He visits the Muslim hospital in Mombasa

He also visited the Muslim Hospital in the center of Mombasa also visited the University Director of the Center of Islamic Knowledge and at the end of his tour in the city of Mombasa the invitation of lunch organized by the University graduates in Mambasa on the Indian Ocean shore, where the Rector returned on the same day to Nairobi.


On the sidelines of the lunch invitation, the Rector met with a radiologist and investor in the medical field who is building a nursing college in the same area. The two sides agreed that Dr. Nasser Shaaban will visit his college under construction and visit Sudan together after Ramadan.

On Sunday morning, the head of the university moved to Kagadou district, where Rafid University is affiliated with the university, where Dr. Mohamed Osman, the university's director and a number of its professors, excused him and inspected its three faculties, laboratories, various halls and locations of the university's future facilities. In the establishment of her farm.


He concludes his visit with the Deputy Minister of Labor of Kenya


The Director of the University concluded his visit to Kenya by receiving Mr. Abdul Bahari Bashir, Deputy Minister of Labor of Kenya, at the residence of the Director of the Puma Hotel where the meeting dealt with a number of topics.

The visitor to Kenya is the first to notice the great impact of the graduates of the International University of Africa, who lead the Islamic work in Kenya, which confirms that the fruits of the International University of Africa has been picked up and harvested for the benefit of African Muslim peoples.



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