BoT meeting starts with launching of Projects

On Thursday, 11 January, 2018, the BoT meeting starting with a launching of a number of projects. The event which is headed by the Former Foreign Minister of Sudan, and the BoT Chairman, Dr Mustapha Othman Ismail started with the visit by Sudanese Minister of Information Ahmed Bilal, Engr Merghani Salih, Governor of Gederif, and Prof Kamal Obeid the VC of the University. 

The events started with a standing at the new Sheikh Alansary Faculty of Quran and its Sciences after which they proceeded to the Faculty of Mass Communications, in which a new studio and a new hall were launched. 

The meeting further proceeded to the newly founded Faculty of Languages, and was followed by award giving.

The meeting further proceeded to the Indimi Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals were the faculty which was funded by the Nigerian businessman was launched.

Dr Mustapha Ismail hailed Alhaji indimi as model African business man.

On his part Alhaji Indimi thanked the University and described his actions as offering others the chance he never got.








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