Ministry of Foreign Affairs Praises Al-Alamiya's Serious Message

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The Sudanese foreign ministry through its undersecretary ambassador Abdul Ghani Al-Naim Awad Al-Karim sent a letter to Dr. Khader Haroun Ahmed, dean of the faculty of media, through which the ministry expressed its praise for the serious objective and important message of (IUA's Al-Alamiya channel).

The ministry announced its readiness and through its missions in Africa and the rest of the world to provide the necessary and important materials in support of the channel's message and to promote Sudan's constructive role towards the African continent.


The undersecretary of the ministry of foreign affairs also expressed his congratulations and thanks to Ambassador Khader Haroun, former Sudan's ambassador to Washington, on the occasion of lifting of the economic sanctions on Sudan and the great role that ambassador Al-Khader played when he headed the Sudanese diplomatic mission in Washington.



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