Convening of the Joint Meeting - the University Council and Finance Committee


The meeting of the council of the university and the finance committee was held on Tuesday November 14, 2017, chaired by Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the vice-chancellor and attended by members of the council and the finance committee.


At the beginning of the meeting, the vice-chancellor welcomed the members of the council and the finance committee from outside the university and gave a glad tidings to the members about the historic decision of the Saudi cabinet, which directs the Saudi minister of higher education to discuss with the university the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the university and the ministry, pointing out that the decision came after a great work and efforts made by the university in the past years.

The meeting then heard a report on the university's investments by Dr. Jafar Hassan Badi, assistant vice-chancellor of investment, where the report touched on the university's properties and projects of poultry sheds and cows at the university farm, which is scheduled to open in the next board of trustees assembly, adding that it will represent a large addition to the budget of the university.

For his part, Mr. Osama Merghani Rashid, assistant vice-chancellor for administrative coordination and follow-up, discussed the ongoing work in the infrastructure of the university, the new buildings represented in the hospital of Mabiou, the faculty of Al-Ansari for Holy Quran and the second floor of the faculty of mass-communication, the second stage of the faculty of Andimy for minerals and oil, and Amina Hall.

Professor Hatem Osman Mohamed Khair presented the university's budget for 2018, and the academic report. The meeting listened to the audit report for the year 2017. The reports presented a number of observations from the members of the council and the finance committee, where they praised the level of performance and the great development witnessed in the university in its investment projects.

Mr. Mohammed Abdel-Maarouf, assistant vice-chancellor for resources, also reported on the university's resources and the donations coming from charities and organizations.





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